"Only we humans make waste
that nature can’t digest."
— Charles Moore, Marine Researcher

Who we are

Seas4Life Trust funds initiatives that promote clean and healthy waterways and seas; this in turn promotes the wellbeing of the biodiversity and ecosystems that we need in order to survive on this planet. It is our right, and the right of all creatures, to live in a nourishing and unpolluted environment.

Because of this, Seas4Life Trust has a very simple three-pillar programmatic approach.



Our primary, ongoing focus is to raise awareness and educate the public and government stakeholders about the rising threats to waterways and marine biodiversity, why they should care about these issues and what can be done to solve them.

We do this by creating compelling stories that motivate the public to listen and rise to action. Additionally, we conduct our own research about waterway ecosystems in Kenya and supply this research to the stakeholders who are in a position to do something with the information and amplify those findings across large networks. Finally, we supply specialty education, training and consultation to organizations that want to thrive in a Blue Economy.


Given our mandate, we focus on funding direct action initiatives:

Clean Seas Initiatives — Among other industrial pollutants one of the biggest threats to clean and healthy waterways is plastic. It’s choking our oceans and killing our marine life. Our mission here is to support initiatives in East Africa that are directly involved in reducing and and removing plastic and other pollutants from our waterways and seas. Eventually we envision converting our waste plastic footprint into raw energy.

Water Catchment Initiatives— At the top of the clean waterways paradigm, are healthy water catchment areas on which we rely for all of the regions fresh water supplies. The current rate of deforestation in Kenya threaten key water catchment upon which the entire country relies. Rivers are drying up. Because of this, the threat to human health and biodiversity everywhere is at a critical level. To reverse this devastating trend, we must focus on rehabilitating our water catchment areas. At Seas4Life Trust we are dedicated to investing in initiatives that promote healthy forests and river ecosystems.

Marine Conservation Initiatives –there is no lasting marine protection and conservation without the buy-in and participation of the communities who rely on the seas to sustain them. Through a partnership with Oceans Alive we envision building a “Blue Wall” of connected MPAs along Kenya’s coast, which in turn create thriving local communities who will become the stewards of these areas for generations to come.

Build the Blue Economy - We believe one of the best ways to ensure we deliver on our vision and mission is to support and invest in Kenya’s burgeoning Blue Economy. This comes down to funding small business and industry to build sustainable business models while identifying and supporting innovative technology driven businesses directly participating in green solutions for the planet.


To raise money for our activities we accept direct donations and conduct large-scale, global reach events. We figure the bolder and more audacious we go with expedition-style events the more exposure we get for our causes, which in turn increases our chances to reach our fund raising targets. We believe a Big Story with Big Reach can change the world.

This year in 2019 we are launching our inaugural event, Cycle4Seas—an epic seven-day, 680 KM ride from Kajiado to Watamu, Kenya. Nothing like it has ever been done before. Learn more here.

Join the fight for a future!

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