“With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you are connected to the sea. No matter where on earth you live. Most of the oxygen in the atmosphere is generated by the sea.”

- Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer

    Our Stance

Everything in this world depends on maintaining vibrant water ecosystems — from forests, to rivers, to the oceans.

At the Seas4Life Trust we stand for healthy, clean seas, waterways and surrounding environments free of plastics and other pollutants; we believe that we have to actively rebuild our hardest hit and neglected ecosystems and protect them for generations to come.

We do this so that all life on Earth can flourish in balance.

We take a direct action stance. The Seas4Life Trust raises awareness and funding through iconic, ground breaking events and direct donations that benefit all communities. Through these efforts we fund high-impact initiatives that ensure thriving fresh and saltwater ecosystems in the East Africa region.

Our important work depends on the generosity of people just like you.  Whether you live right on a beach (lucky you!) or far inland, it doesn't matter: seas play an integral role in all of our lives—the lives of every organism on this planet.

Join our inaugural Cycle4Seas event and take an epic 680 KM ride from Kajiado to Watamu for a great cause! 

Otherwise  get involvedspread the word and make a donation!


    Our Origin

"We are all connected. Our children need our planet! We have a choice to do something to keep our planet, or home, healthy, or do nothing. My choice is to do something, so in 2019 I decided to set up the Seas4Life organisation. This has two parts to it: Seas4Life Safaris is an adventure travel company where I share my knowledge and experiences through world class ocean exploration, bespoke, conscientious journeys, and direct conservation. The giving back Seas4Life Safaris is Seas4Life Trust. The Trust raises awareness about our seas and their waterways, and funds impactful, sustainable and educational initiatives.”

- Julie Church, Founder Seas4Life

Join the fight to protect our oceans and our future.

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Get Involved: HumpBack Whale Fundraising

Seas4LIfe has a purpose beyond travel, that is to support and raise awareness through fundraising and outreach programmes.
Here in Kenya we are about to welcome the magnificent Humpback Whales, a marine mammal we are yet to join all the dots as
to their migration route, numbers and solutions to habitat obstacles they are currently facing in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO).

Join the fight for a future!

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